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Cosi  Love

Hi, I am Cosi. 

I advocate for diverse embodiment of love, sex, intimacy and relationships.

I am an organized urban hippie, feminist and sex-positive activist. I am queer and polyamorous. 

I write about self-love, sexuality and educate about polyamory. I organise sex positive events and trainings for Conscious Kink and Sexuality. 

no upcoming events 
– I am currently not organising events – 


A non-profit project to 
celebrate & educate about polyamory and non-monogamy

Erin and me created 30 different badges with individual designs and descriptions to celebrate and mourn those shared moments in your non-monogamous journey. We have buttons, stickers and a booklet.
All designs can be downloaded for Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal to send digital.

Got curious? – Learn more