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Erotic Mysteries Deep Dive

11-17 April 2022

Spitzmühle Berlin

A one-week Workshop for Conscious Kink, Sacred Sexuality and Erotic Rituals


✨Have you heard about Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Kink or Neo Tantra and wonder what these all mean?

✨Is it time for you to confront your own erotic shadows and come to terms with parts of yourself you may have buried down?

✨Would you like to learn a set of hands-on erotic skills that will enhance your love life and sex life?


Then join us for this Deep Dive into the Erotic Mysteries​

What is this workshop about?

The Erotic Mysteries are the mysterious and beautiful places where Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Kink and the Human Shadow overlap. What does this mean exactly?

In one sense, ​we’ll be exploring the esoteric mystery traditions. One common goal of many of these traditions is for each of us to fully embody our full potential as powerful erotic beings. In other words: one purpose in exploring The Erotic Mysteries is to help us see through all of the illusions and mental programming and to remember who we really are and fully step into our power.

This is not a ‘love and light’ workshop. Often to step into our full power we need to embrace the full filth and shadow of ourselves. As such there is a high kink content to this journey. In a practical sense, ​the Erotic Mysteries are about creating safe and conscious ritual spaces where we can take time to look within, explore what we find there, integrate those things we find and come out more self aware and empowered. 

With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our selves and others, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

What will be covered in this workshop?

Conscious Kink is important to our exploration of the Erotic Mysteries as these tools allow us to explore any fetishes we might have in an empowering and nurturing way. We may explore what it’s like to engage in impact play (e.g. using physical pain). We may create scenes where we find out what it’s like to serve another person for a while and in turn to be served. Conscious Kink also allows for our darker erotic fantasies to be explored, and for this reason a large part of the workshop is geared towards learning common tools for asserting boundaries and ensuring healthy methods for gaining authentic consent. 

In this workshop we cover many of the tools of sacred sex and ​conscious kink​ ​in a ritualised content. The goal of ​exploring the Erotic Mysteries are to create powerful erotic states with spirituality and to create spaces of deep learning. We light a proverbial candle, turn inwards and face our own shadows that we have, up until now, suppressed. We embrace our own light and our own darkness in order to understand ourselves and explore together in service to each other. We use erotic techniques and guided journeying to reclaim those parts of ourselves otherwise lost. We explore our own inner worlds leading to places of power, self-love and ultimately greater self-knowledge.

In summary, we will focus on: 

  • Consent, Desires & Boundaries 
  • Clear Communication for negotiating touch 
  • Impact Play
  • D/s dynamics 
  • Consensual non-consent exercises 
  • Archetypes and how to use them in erotic spaces 
  • Creating Erotic Rituals for oneself and others 
  • Tools for Aftercare and Selfcare
  • and more 

Please note: This is an intensive ritual / deep dive and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on the journey of self-discovery. 

The Erotic Mysteries​ can be a set of powerful tools for healing trauma, but the movement towards healing is at your own pace. We provide the tools, techniques and a safer space. It’s important to note this isn’t therapy but many people find healing within these sets of practices.

Whilst we expect a high erotic content, all of your personal boundaries will be honoured and nurtured at all times. 

Who is this workshop for?

This is a general level workshop. Whilst we expect some practitioners to be there, this is not practitioner training. We are always excited to see who will join us for the training. It is important to create a diverse, interesting, and engaged group. You don’t need to be fully advanced with bodywork or sex-positive spaces. Nevertheless, we recommend being comfortable with the basics of consent and having had some exposure to sex-positive / kink spaces. If in doubt please get in touch so we can discuss options. 

This event is open to adults of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship formations. Exercises will not be paired/grouped by gender. If you wish to attend with your partner(s), please let us know. 

We will be having brief online interviews with people hoping to attend to make sure we both feel there is compatibility to work together. 

About Seani & the Team  

Seani (he/him) has been exploring and teaching erotic ritual techniques to clients, private groups, couples and workshops for over twenty years. An expert in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015.

His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neo-Tantra, and Jungian Psychology. His work enables him to take his clients on profound journeys into their inner worlds and helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves.

Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed body and mind therapist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy and created her unique way of working with clients through her EMPLEASUREMENT™ METHOD. A wholesome way to support healing, sensuality, and empowerment with and through the body.

Coming from a background of transforming her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease into a fulfilled life of love, consciousness and pleasure, she now facilitates trauma informed workshops and 1:1 sessions, using techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Breathwork and Meditation.

Her heart mission is to empower her clients to embody their sensuality, playfulness and wild self expression, love themselves, unravel conditioning and to be fully and unapologetically who they truly are.

To read more about her, follow these links:

Cosima (she/her) is an experienced, amazing event & workshop organiser. She loves creating and holding spaces where people can go on deep journeys, play and have fun. Since 2016, she has been spreading the word of radical self-love, gratitude and sex-positivity on her blog Cusilife to rebel against the ideals of beauty, body image, love and life choices. Cosima is trained in Tantra, Consent & Conscious Kink. She is based in Berlin, where she is involved in the sex-positive scene and creates workshops, parties and other events. She is polyamorous and pansexual.

The rest of the Team will be announced soon. 


If you have any questions from logistics to payment to content about the workshop, email Cosima.

We look forward to welcoming you. 




The workshop will be at the beautiful venue Spitzmühle in Brandenburg. This is about an hour by train from Berlin. We will have the venue to ourselves. We will get to enjoy the sauna and the beautiful lake.



We have a kitchen team on site that will prepare three meals per day for us. The food will be mostly vegan with some vegetarian options. The venue is meat-free.

We will also provide tea, coffee and snacks through out the day. If you have special snacks you like to bring, please do so.

There are no shops close to the venue.

Ticket Fee & Accommodation

The fee includes the training; 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day, snacks, tea and coffee and accommodation in the dorm; and all equipment used during the course.

Regular: 1.500,00 €
Regular* – pay all at once: 1.300,00 €

Early Bird: 1.200,00 €
EarlyBird* – pay all at once: 1.100,00 €
(8 places available)

Repeater: 900,00 €
When you have done a Shadow Tantra or Temple Whore Training, you qualify as a repeater.

Scholarship: 550,00 €
2 places available.

Single Room (five available): 220€
Double Room: 100€


Refund policy

1st of February: Full refund, beside 200€ deposit
1st of March: 50% refund – pay 50% of ticket price
25th of March: no refund – pay full ticket price

*transfers to other applicants are possible

The refund policy applies for cancellations due to corona-related reasons.
If you need to cancel due to an emergency, death of a close person or similar, contact us and we can negotiate an individual appropriate refund.

It is our loving intention to bring this workshop to you as described above. However, due to life being what it is, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur. Due to these turbulent times, if we need to cancel the event for any reason, we refund your ticket besides the deposit.


Deposit and Payment: 
Once you are accepted to the training you will be asked to pay a deposit of 200€. The deposit guarantees your spot in the workshop and is non-refundable. Must be paid 7 days after your application has been accepted. The remainder must be paid in full before April 1st.
You can work out a payment plan with Cosima, if needed.


How to register and pay?

You apply via the form below.
Once you are accepted you will receive further information for payment.

To confirm your spot, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 200€.

You can work out a payment plan with Cosima if needed.

Apply now



This is a workshop for educational purposes and therefore falls under the “3G” rule.
We apply the following protocol. If regulations change, we will adapt accordingly.
[Update 8th of March 2022]

Everybody who attends need to show negative PCR Test taken max. 72h before start of the training.


**In case you can not show one of the test, you can not attend the training!**

Upon arrival, we will welcome you and check you in. Check-in will include doing an Antigen-Quick Test. We provide the tests at the venue.
Ideally you can do the test yourself. We will be there to assist. The Antigen Quick Test will need to be done by everybody unrelated if vaccinated or not.


[Update 30th of March] Additionally, everyone will test a few times throughout the week with an antigen quick test. 

If the regulations change, this might become a so called “2G” event, which only allows vaccinated and recovered people.

  • If you have symptoms, do not come. 
  • If you are not vaccinated and you had contact with a person that had a positive test in the last 14 days, do not come.
  • When traveling, please wear a mask and be careful to keep 1.5m distance from other passengers.



This is all very new to me. Will I be out of my depth?

This is a general level workshop. Whilst we expect some practitioners to be there, this is not practitioner training. You don’t need to be fully advanced with bodywork or sex-positive spaces. Nevertheless, we recommend being comfortable with the basics of consent and having had some exposure to sex-positive / kink spaces. If in doubt please get in touch so we can discuss options. 

Do I need to attend with a partner?
No. You can come on your own and explore techniques with the many other wonderful people in attendance. You are welcome to attend with your partner if that is your desire. Please let the organiser know when booking. (All boundaries are honored and great communication coached and supported.)
What is this about scholarships?
We have a limited number of scholarship places. Scholarships are by application only. Please send a max. 3-min video or a email to us explaining why one of these scholarship places should be yours. (All content will be treated confidentially and will not be shared outside the team).
How sexually explicit is the content?
The exercises vary from energy (no physical touch) to deep intimate, sexual journeys. No particular sex act is ever mandatory! Consent and boundaries are an inherent part of every exercise. We have a high safer sex standard and encourage conversations about this in each exercise. You might see other interacting in a sexual, erotic way and you need to know that is welcome in this space. Erotic exploration is the purpose of the event so please only register if exploring and reclaiming your sexuality are intentions you have. Sexual activity is never obligatory for any participant in any particular exercise.
We try to create a safer container to welcome all emotions and triggers that come up during the week. We encourage all participants to take a break from the program, when it’s needed.


What shall I wear?

There is no dress code at this workshop but it’s certainly best to wear something clean and fresh. Wearing fun clothes can be good too – so some people like to dress in a way that highlights their Eros and makes them feel good. If you are looking for a general rule, I’d just wear something comfortable and easy to move in.

I’m a single man, can I come on my own?

Yes, absolutely! We are not doing a gender balanced workshop which means we’re not going to be strict in the pairings in the exercises and it wouldn’t be fair to guarantee a partner of a particular gender in each exercise. That’s just not how it works. 

Please explain what the exercises are.

The exercises are specially formulated to maximise safety and connection first and foremost with yourself then with the other participants in the room. Seani is an expert at reading what a room needs and doesn’t give a play-by-play of what is going to happen. Indeed, the exact exercises are subject to change depending on what the room needs in each moment. Having said that, we will certainly be starting with exercises that ensure everyone in the room is empowered enough to communicate their consent and express our boundaries. That’s the most important thing. We’ll also be exploring powerful ways of holding each other so that we all feel safe when we start to ‘surrender’ in certain activities. There will almost certainly be impact play of some kind which is a consent-driven powerful way to explore many kinks. Most importantly, there will be some exercises that enable us all to access Eros within and thereby step into our own power.

For any further questions, please get in touch with Cosima
You would like to attend, but can't make these dates

The same workshop will be held 1-8 of May in Glastonbury, England. 

Event page will follow soon.